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  • Snakebites #123: The Thin Brown Line
    November 10, 2014
    This week, we welcome new part-time cohost, Brandie Flowers! Click on her name to see a picture and read her bio. Mel joins in too, to keep things even.
    Show Notes

    Snakebites #123

    00:28 - Introductions, a warm welcome to the new Think Twice peep, Brandie F-Bomb Diggity Flowers.
    02:44 - Internet Arguments, putting people to the test, and what to do when they are measured and found lacking. The first of many digressions because hey, it's Snakebites, and we have four people on the show today.
    40:53 - Mural of Micheal Brown created with the permission of the gooberment defaced by police because the police are peaceful. Or something. Some bad cop stories. Good citizen stories. Digression 2: Electric Bugaloo - Movie talk edition.
    53:53 - 90 year old man feeds the homeless. Gets arrested. They let him go, and he immediately starts feeding the homeless, because fuck the man. Why the state won't let the free market help those in need. Free market solutions to social issues. Scott explains a little about what it's like to be homeless. We generally just can't stay on goddamned target for a bit.
    1:24:44 - Free government cell phones aren't. Comedy from Denver.
    Geek News
    1:29:41 - The Binding of Isaaac: Rebirth - WARNING: Not brain safe segment.
    1:35:10 - Bayonetta 2, Sexism in video games. Holy shit do we not stay on target. At least it's a lot of fun.
    2:06:03 - John and Melissa hit ya with a spoiler free Interstellar review.

    Show Notes
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    Posted Nov 15, 2014, 10:41 PM by Mel S
    November 3, 2014
    Link to MP3
    Show Notes

    Snakebites #122

    00:28 - Donations, Black Friday (Really?!?!), THE SHATNER
    06:55 - 11 year old boy harassed online for hunting well.
    09:59 - DHS office employees spend thirty grand on coffee.
    12:52 - Off duty cop cuts guy off. Guy honks at cop. Cop threatens guy with gun. Only this time it was an ex senator. Cue cop immediately getting arrested, unlike every other incident like this one.
    15:24 - Cop breaks a 15 year old girl's arm for not shutting off her cell phone.
    17:51 - The catcalling video. You know the one. 30 million hits in a week. Sexism talk. Gender talk.
    35:53 - OTOH, a woman was actually abused, tortured and harassed in India today.
    38:34 - Week three of the great phone encryption scare of 2014.
    44:18 - Devil's night 2014 - The arson review.
    55:46 - Bundy Ranch family members detained by TSA holes. TSA talk.
    1:00:27 - Elections coming, gas prices dropped. John has called that one months and years ahead of time yet again. VOTING IS A WASTE OF TIME AND AN INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE.
    1:09:05 - Democrat convention in New York sending threatening letters to voters, about voting.
    1:12:23 - Chemtrails cure for sale on Ebay. John can't stop laughing.
    1:22:54 - John and Mel play Ingress.
    1:28:41 - Crypt of the Necrodancer!
    1:31:39 - Dead Rising 3 is also pretty awesome. PC Gaming Master Race talk and wrapup.

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    Posted Nov 15, 2014, 10:36 PM by Mel S
  • Snakebites #121: Scary Times - Halloween 2014
    October 27, 2014
    Link to MP3
    Show Notes

    Snakebites 121

    00:28 - Women has house foreclosed on by government over 95 dollars.
    06:39 - The first of several heavily drugged digressions from John. This one is about South Park.
    10:18 - Chicago shoots itself in the foot with traffic cameras. "Loses" fifty million in "Revenue"
    14:59 - Tesla being blocked from selling in Michigan. Our continuing state by state coverage of Tesla bans.
    20:46 - Encryption redux. Congress tells the director of the FBI that it's mid term election time and to go eat cock.
    23:32 - Lady doesn't like that her neighbor owns guns. Puts up a giant sign in her yard. John takes ownership of "The C Word."
    27:55 - College gives out A grades for fake classes for twenty years to keep money making sports players enrolled. And it's fucking racist. John goes off into lala land again about baseball for some reason.
    38:55 - Anti gun state senator arrested for being shitfaced. Was carrying. Also has a permit. Because hypocrisy.
    42:29 - Shootings in Washington State and Ottawa, Cohhhniduh. John rants about violence. Surprisingly coherent considering his pickled brain.
    56:24 - Halloween rocks. Lots of Halloween talk. John feels unrestrained by rationality because the news stories are over so there's a lot of Vicodin fed rambling comedy gold here. Are sexy costumes sexist? Then that feeds into social justice warrior talk. John says SAM-HAIN a lot to piss of wicca people. Kirk Cameron says that pagans stole Halloween from Christianity.

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    Posted Nov 15, 2014, 10:32 PM by Mel S
  • Snakebites 120: Cryptical Mass
    October 20, 2014
    Link to MP3
    Show Notes

    Snakebites 120

    00:28 - Alcohol is boring. The general state of affairs.
    07:02 - Woman tries to sew her adopted daughter's mouth shut. Force feeds her dirty cat litter.
    11:05 - Woman tries to impregnate her wife by force.
    13:39 - Houston churches being supeoned to turn over sermons in case any of them are anti-gay/anti-same sex weddings or mention their lesbian mayor.
    16:18 - Idaho Wedding chapel being forced to perform same sex weddings. John chastises "The Gays".
    24:30 - Tennessee woman thrown into a steel cage for not mowing her lawn to government specs. John really really hates HOA's and busybodies. A LOT.
    32:45 - The Fuhbee is angry about encryption on new versions of phone operating systems. Threaten laws to keep people's phones unencrypted. Because assholes. John is getting a smart phone now. He rants about it for a while. Also Ingress.
    48:06 - Riots in Keene, NH. It wasn't free staters!
    52:08 - New York town demands Facebook username AND PASSWORDS if you're gonna buy a gun. Because, you know, assholes.
    55:26 - GEEK NEWS RETURNS?!?!?! Lockheed claims they're gonna have fusion generators worked out really really soon now. John starts holding his breath. Then passes out.
    1:00:44 - Alien: Isolation Review
    1:06:46 - Legend of Grimrock 2 Review

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    Posted Nov 15, 2014, 10:19 PM by Mel S
  • Snakebites 119: Cops. Did. This.
    October 13, 2014
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    Show Notes

    Snakebites 119

    00:28 - Thirty Seconds of listener suggestions.
    03:20 - More protests in Missouri. The problem with popo.
    05:50 - Civil Asset Forfeiture isn't civil and isn't forfeiture. It's goddamned theft. Mega cop rants.
    32:00 - Arkansas state gooberment annoyed that juvenile facilities are putting children into bondage gear.
    37:01 - Baby who got flash bang grenade to the face doesn't get justice. Cops were apparently doing the right thing by blowing the baby's face off. Drug war talk.
    44:48 - K-Cup DRM. Coffee snobs.
    54:52 - Mid term comedy jam. Time to go vote, read tea leaves, and other useless things.
    1:00:45 - Bono and the free market. Lots and lots of free market chat.
    1:31:07 - Ebola.

    Show Notes
    Snakebites Index
    Posted Nov 15, 2014, 10:15 PM by Mel S
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