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  • Snakebites #135: You'll Never Guess What Happens To These Kittens When We do This One Weird Trick!
    February 9, 2015
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    Kitten Click Bait - Snakebites #135

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    Posted by Mel S
  • Snakebites #134: Infinite Rape Kits
    January 19, 2015
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    00:28 - Guns, 3d printers, and choices. But not 3d printing guns somehow. The Molyneux exodus? Government supplied dating redux.
    17:45 - Asset forfeiture going away maybe sorta?
    22:54 - Cop blows off finger in a negligent discharge at a gun shop. Sues gun shop. Brandie wants to be Harry Dresden. A little prepping talk.
    31:37 - Cop tells on other cops for having sex with hookers. Gets fired. 
    35:30 - The NM cops who murdered the homeless guy are charged with murder a year later. 
    39:07 - Pope dumbass says a dumbass thing. Religion talk.
    46:39 - Detroit rape kit update - 30 year old rape kits can still be processed. And other things. 
    53:18 - Not enough babies to grease the wheels of the parasitic economy. 
    1:22:12 - A boy didn't go to heaven after all. The publisher pulls his very profitable book. 
    1:27:40 - The Satanic coloring book defeated the bible in Florida.
    1:32:19 - Discovery channel dumping mermaids and megalodons for real science again?
    1:37:37 - Scott and his dick rocks.

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    Posted by Mel S
  • Snakebites 133: Sour Pussies
    January 12. 2015
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    00:28 - Share and donate? Pee rocks. Cat butts. 
    02:52 - Religious assholes kill people in France. Murderous Sourpusses. 
    11:48 - Gallup: Everyone hates the gooberment. More religion because fuck religion today. Harumph. 
    17:44 - Former NYPD drug jerk admits to framing people. A lot. 
    20:14 - Rapist cop kills himself. Good. 
    23:22 - Cop tries to shoot someone's dog. Manages to shoot the lady who owned the dog because he fell down went boom. 
    25:36 - Someone loosened lug nuts on police car in NYC. It's funny. 
    27:29 - Michigan Judge arrested for DUI, his brother had a sock full of weed. They're 60. Judge had no idea his brother had a sock full of weed after spending the entire day on a boat with him getting shitfaced. 
    31:02 - Ken Ham (Know Idiot) says we need to stop looking for aliens because they're going to hell anyway. THE ALIENS ARE ALL DOOMED TO HELL. Mel's experiences with church people. 
    35:53 - Dude who can't get laid wants a government program to get laid.

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    Posted by Mel S
  • Snakebites #132: Japanese Sex Acts
    January 5, 2015
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    Snakebites #132

    00:28 - Edward Hermann died.
    03:58 - Maine "Trooper of the year" gets four years, for raping a four-year*old girl repeatedly. Because "Being a cop is stressful" so he just plain needed to rape a baby, apparently. 
    07:35 - Home-schooling family raided and children taken because of a false accusation that the house was "Messy" - Parents tased and pepper sprayed, of course. Lots of talk about education. 
    20:49 - NYPD took their ball and went home, and nobody cared. 
    24:41 - Masshole SWAT teams incorporate to evade open records laws. Everything that is stupid about SWAT and no knock raids and raids in general. 
    30:33 - Home invaders pretending to be police. Now what the fuck do ya do? The Surveillance state. 
    37:08 - F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Has no guns until a 2019 software update. Rambling about military planes. 
    44:38 - People are not having enough sex in Japan. Economic motivations for arrested development. John has an inappropriate health care rant. 
    1:09:52 - Brandie drops a bomb. "Health insurance should be free." - John tries to figure out how to find a meeting of the minds. Farming for some reason. 
    1:28:19 - Reason Magazine's top 10 Hilarious Zero Tolerance Bullshit Thingies from 2014. Bully stories. Pheromones, bisexuality, sexuality in flux, boring heteros. Aesthetic vs. sexual response.

    Show Notes

    Posted Jan 8, 2015, 6:40 PM by Mel S
  • Snakebites #131: Blasphemy!
    December 29, 2014
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    Snakebites $131

    00:28 - Share this shit.
    04:35 - City governments sueing the citizenry because they voted to ban government traffic cameras.
    10:13 - Kid answers door with a Wiimote. DEAD, DEAD, DEADSKI. Failing upwards when accountability doesn't matter.
    12:34 - Dallas cop rapes woman three times, tells victim "I know where your daughter is."
    17:58 - Philosophy talk: A little bit of off the cuff commentary on the relationship between epistemology and ethics. Piles of religion.
    1:06:10 - The Satanic Temple's Christmas nativity thingy got vandalized. Cue utter lack of surprise.
    1:10:08 - Zombie nativity? More like ZOMBIE NATIVITY!!!!
    1:13:01 - Schroedingers Korea: North Korea may or may not have been responsible for the Sony hack, depending on who you believe.
    1:16:27 - The most blasphemy and obscenity you'll ever hear.
    1:17:33 - A NEW PHANTASM MOVIE!!!
    1:20:33 - Some idiot on Twitter calling for the murder of libertarians. A whole lot more obscene and really blasphemous stuff.

    Show Notes

    Posted Dec 31, 2014, 7:37 PM by Mel S
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