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  • Snakebites #96: Losing on Two Fronts - The Bundy Ranch and Stupid Libertarian Infighting
    April 15, 2014
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    Snakebites 96

    00:28 - The Bundy Ranch Experience
    26:35 - Libertarian Infighting
    36:36 - Tales of Terror: The Amazing Transparent Man

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    Tales of Terror DVD Set

    Posted Apr 15, 2014, 7:15 PM by Mel Shaw
  • Snakebites #95: Fort Hood 2: Electric Boogaloo
    April 8, 2014
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    Show Notes

    Snakebites 95

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    Paypal: archindividual@gmail.com

    00:28 - Special thanks for the Godzilla donation!
    02:28 - Mickey Rooney, Peaches Geldof, and John Pinette Died.
    05:38 - Fort Hood II: Electric Boogaloo
    06:58 - Google trying to trademark Glass.
    09:16 - Oklahoma woman stabs cop. *Drum Hit*
    12:23 - Artist buys warehouse and renovates it to show culture to local kids. Gooberfucks try to steal it.
    14:20 - Cop who threw girl into a steel bench in Tuscon gets death threats like a boss.
    16:42 - New York State Police aren't enforcing the SAFE ACT magazine law.
    17:28 - Kid twirls pencil on fingers. Gets accused of "Gun twirling" by bully. They expell the poor fucker until he's "Evaluated".  John tells the story about a teacher who beat his ass in a stairwell in high school.
    24:34 - Chicago is safer now that there's conceal carry. No shit.
    27:48 - Old man gets robbed by FBI. They steal a whole lot of valuable shit. A WHOLE LOT. Because art. Or history. Or something.
    35:53 - John's Postal Service Adventures.
    42:13 - Godzilla Intensifies
    43:47 - Tales Of Terror: The Thirsty Dead

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    S.H. Monsterarts
    S.H. Monsterarts on Amazon
    John's Wishlist
    Tales of Terror DVD Set

    Posted Apr 13, 2014, 7:20 AM by Mel Shaw
  • Snakebites #94: Metaphorically Accurate
    April 1, 2014
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    Show Notes

    Snakebites 94

    00:28 - John Feels First World Godzilla Guilt.
    06:02 - Tracking Point firearms is taking Bitcoin. Kinda neat.
    09:55 - Meanwhile, in North Korea... Haircuts!
    11:18 - California anti-gun senator turns out to be a gun runner. *Sad Trombone*
    15:27 - Massholes trying to get people in the middle of divorce to not have sex. John touches on sexism.
    22:21 - House of Cards getting the real life House of Cards treatment. A quick filmmaker's guide to tax credit heaven. Or at least avoiding tax credit hell.
    27:21 - Girl buys water. Gets swarmed by cops who jump onto the hood of her car and whip guns out.
    31:19 - Piers Morgan is off the air. John sheds exactly zero tears.
    34:34 - A new climate change report says things are bad and are going to get worse. Just like every climate change report since 1970.
    37:28 - Facebook buys Oculus Rift. Cue fanboy rage.
    43:30 - John Reviews They Saved Hitler's Brain. Almost loses his own in the process.

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    The video that was cut from the discussion
    Tales of Terror DVD Set

    Posted Apr 13, 2014, 7:20 AM by Mel Shaw
  • Snakebites #93: Big Sexy Monsters
    March 25, 2014
    Show Notes

    Snakebites 93

    00:28 - Chitty Chat
    02:10 - Oderus Urungus died.
    03:32 - Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 coming out this summer.
    05:36 - NY revoking driver's licences for unpaid taxes.
    07:35 - Tattoo of a gun? Send in the SWAT team.
    09:14 - No converting your garage into a living area allowed. This is a very important issue.
    15:24 - Business owner in SC crabby because people are now allowed to carry guns. Posts a nastygram. Customers go to Yelpand downvote the shit outta the place.
    17:59 - Kid suspended for not removing an NRA T-Shirt.
    20:22 - Man resqued from submerged car angry and suit because he was waiting for god to come help him. John tells a shitty joke shittily.
    22:14 - Cops in Hawaii bummed that they can't fuck hookers anymore. I am not kidding.
    24:17 - Diane Feinstein is still a cunt. Just an FYI.
    25:48 - Cops shoot another hobo. There is video.
    30:10 - San Antonio campus cop murders student for lipping off at him. Yells "Stop resisting!" the whole time while shooting him from a distance.
    32:15 - Cops allowed to search a place illegally, and can get a "Do-Over" warrant after the fact.
    24:33 - Michigan had gay marriage for part of a day. Government did take backsies.
    39:40 - John expresses his deep and abiding love for All Things Godzilla.
    1:01:09 - Tales of Terror Review #4 - The Werewolf of Washington

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    Tales of Terror DVD Set

    Posted Apr 13, 2014, 7:20 AM by Mel Shaw
  • Snakebites #92: This is the Way the World Ends
    Tuesday, March 18, 2014
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    Show Notes

    Snakebites 92

    00:29 - Irish Day
    03:14 - Fred Phelps is dying.
    04:11 - Diane Feinstein. Just... Diane Feinstein. She's mad that the NSA looked at her shit.
    05:32 - 250 Connecticut cops sign paper to the effect that they won't enforce the new Assault Weapons and Magazine Ban.
    06:34 - One of the cops who murdered that hobo is being ostracized. At Dennys. HEY IT'S A START.
    08:22 - NY Pastor doing an AR-15 giveaway.
    09:43 - Cop rapes 20 odd babies between the ages of 14 and 18 months. Gets 25 years, 12.5 is he's a good boy.
    13:04 - Another cop rapes a woman at gunpoint and is mad because they gave him 75 years. Sez it's unfair.
    15:06 - Detroit woman calls police because her boyfriend hit her, cop shows up and rapes her.
    16:51 - Guess what a LEVEL TWO LOOKALIKE FIREARM is, kids!
    19:46 - Tesla cars banned in New Jersey
    23:40 - Obama nominated his choice for Surgeon Genital. He's an anti gun guy. Nomination showed up DOA.
    26:59 - Cops steal from people. This is apparently news.
    28:05 - Google is gonna start encrypting search data.
    28:56 - 80% receiver guy gets raided by the ATF. Oh, we're doing THIS again. *Sigh*
    32:35 - Fatwa against buffet eating.
    34:46 - Tow company tows illegally parked cop cars they get arrested. Because we're all equal under the law.
    35:38 - Police say that a kid who was handcuffed in the back of a police car shot himself.
    38:43 - John is highly amused by the title of a propaganda article.
    40:37 - Defeating the apocalypse in your own brain.
    1:09:25 - Tales of Terror Double Feature Review. John breaks down Horror Rises From the Tomb (1973) and The Dungeon of Harrow (1962)

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    Tales of Terror DVD Set
    Posted Apr 13, 2014, 7:20 AM by Mel Shaw
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